What Is MAINx24?

MAINx24 is a 24-hour long festival celebrating Main Street and the surrounding Southside, held every December since 2007. The annual event features programming all day long, from parades to music to poetry readings to chili cook-offs. The day has been a way to celebrate and showcase the burgeoning Southside. MAINx24 is organized completely by residents, merchants, and friends of the Southside community.

Behind MAINx24 is an audacious dream: make Chattanooga a 24-hour city.

How it Works

In its first year, MAINx24 was a project of CreateHere, a five year non-profit initiative based in the Southside. Today, it’s owned, beloved and organized completely by residents, merchants and friends of the Southside community.

The success of MAINx24 is based on the awesome neighbors, businesses and guests of the Southside community! The events are put on by the restaurants, stores, galleries and non-profits. Have an idea for an event? It’s up to you to make it happen!

Who Should Go and When

MAINx24 is free and open to the public and has something for everyone. A schedule of events is available by early November on the MAINx24 website and printed schedules are available the week of the event. There are events all day and night long so you’ll find something that fits your schedule!

MAINx24 is always held on the first Saturday of December, this year is December 3rd, 2022.